Fair Objectives

Fair Objectives

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The fair aims to reinstate the value of culture as a movement for raising awareness and development, emphasizing the function of fair books.

To change the fair book into an event through which cultural authorities restore their role and impact through publications or activities that facilitate the easy movement of books in diverse directions.

To encourage publishers and cultural organizations  to expand the movement of publishing, and  translating to keep pace with the progress made worldwide, through the involvement of intellectuals and writers, and setting up of programs that would cover all changing and developing fields.

To secure holding dialogues and meetings between publishers and readers; between the latter and officials in culture and education with the view of expanding  the circle of reading and publication.


To achieve an integrated form of cooperation between publishers and entities concerned with culture and writers in order to provide resources and determine requirements by creating the largest possible number of outlets in each Arab country. This action will facilitate and expand the base of book distribution; support the role of the book in spreading knowledge and social progress.

The fair provides a platform for interaction and networking among creative intellectuals, scientists, artists, and consumers of their innovative products.

To launch various initiatives including cultural clubs, teams and houses to deepen the traditions of reading.

To strengthen mutual trust and communication among different publishing houses and cultural and education organizations.